Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Voices of Hope

I'm happy to announce that I had another appearance on Voices of Hope on BlogTalkRadio. If you'd like to listen in, the podcast is availble here:


Hope for Healing.org, the parent non-profit of Voices of Hope is doing great work for survivors - check out their website at http://www.hopeforhealing.org/. Today, we talked about how to deal with the holidays as a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault, and how these problems are compounded by PTSD. Listen in for some tips on how to keep yourself emotionally and physically safe as you prepare for your holiday.


  1. Amy,

    Your story is powerful and inspiring. I think it will help to reassure other survivors. Abusers take so much away from us that being reminded that there are good times after abuse is always needed.

    Having you on Voices of Hope is a privilege. I hope that people will download your podcast. For me personally, I got a lot out of it.

    In healing,


  2. Gayle, thanks - I love having Voices of Hope as a forum where I can share. You do great work and I appreciate you!