Friday, November 12, 2010

Support Pandora's Project

I first found Welcome to Barbados and it's companion message board, Pandora's Aquarium, back in 2000. I'd had a difficult pregnancy, my marriage was failing, and I had just lost my mother-in-law to aggressive pancreatic cancer. My life was falling apart and I was helpless to deal with anything because my mind was consumed by PTSD related to the rape I experienced as a teenager. My husband and I purchased our first home computer in June of that year, and as my condition went from bad to worse, I began searching on the Internet for help in dealing with the aftermath of rape. Pandora's Aquarium became my lifeline. Those days were dark, but in Pandy's (as it is affectionately called by members), I found kindred spirits, luminaries whose courage and support changed my life forever.

Now, Pandora's Aquarium is a part of Pandora's Project. The mission is to fund low or no cost healing events and support for survivors of sexual assault. I am not exaggerating when I say that these services can and do save lives. You can help with this excellent work by visiting the link below and voting for Pandora's Project daily. You can also text to vote (instructions are available if you follow the link below).

It isn't much to ask for 10 seconds of your day. You can make a huge difference with your support of this work. Pandora's Aquarium changed - even saved - my life. It can do the same for countless others if you're willing to help. Go vote today.

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